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Geelong Dance Movement prides itself on providing inclusive classes for students of all ages and abilities. When you join GDM you will find only the most diverse classes. You will have access to a range of styles including ballet, acro, hip hop, jazz, tap, technique as well as singing and acting. The instructors you’ll meet know dance inside and out. So set your goals as high as you like. And when you join GDM, you’ll find that the possibilities are endless.

Dance Classes Geelong
Nikki Hyland has been dancing all her life. After completing her dance studies in Melbourne, Nikki moved to New York where she studied and worked as a dancer. After learning from some of the best choreographers in the world, Nikki was inspired to come home and develop her own performing arts school. Nikki joined forces with best friend Steph Noble and together they built the business into Geelong Dance Movement.
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GDM focuses on providing a quality dance education to students of all abilities. Whether kids are completely new to dancing or have been training for years, we aim to provide classes that are fun but also challenging. Geelong Dance Movement is also proud to provide READY SET DANCE and READY SET BALLET classes for 2 to 5-year-olds. These classes are exclusive Geelong Dance Movement and cannot be found anywhere else in Geelong. Contact us for more information or fill out an enquiry form.

Dance Classes GeelongDance Classes GeelongDance Classes GeelongDance Classes Geelong