Geelong Dance Movement ONLINE Kids Classes Term 2

Thanks to technology we will be opening our digital doors at Geelong Dance Movement and providing an online dance experience, that will not only keep your kids moving, learning, interacting with friends, and having fun during this time, but will also develop their independent learning skills and self-discipline.

Here are the details you need to know about our new online dance experience:

  • We will be charging a monthly fee of $59.99 PER FAMILY.
    This fee was calculated assuming that each dancer will take 1 X $15-class per week, and taking into consideration that our teachers are working harder than ever. Please remember that we, too, are new to teaching this way and it is very different for us in terms of class-planning and the material that we can teach.
  • Once the fee has been paid, you will be granted access to our Band App group: GDM Online — Term 2. Band App is a free app that allows for easy and direct communication through an extremely user-friendly platform.On there, you will be able to find the links to ALL OF OUR ONLINE & VIDEO CLASSES, which include Tap privates, Acro, and daily READY SET DANCE classes! And which means that you will essentially pay for 1 class per week, but be able to take as many as you want… Pretty sweet deal, huh? ;)We fully encourage everyone to use this opportunity to branch out and maybe try a class (or classes) that may feel new/challenging.
  • We are offering daily classes delivered via Zoom, so that our teachers can see the students.
    (Find our schedule attached)
  • Additionally, you will be able to access BONUS VIDEO MATERIAL such as extra pre-recorded Video Classes, Dance Anatomy/Physiology Videos, adult class options (such as the Family-Yoga, Yoga for Dancers, or HIIT workout classes), potential Video Conferences with experts on different subjects such as: Health/Nutrition, Psychological Coping Mechanisms, Specific Dance Styles, and much more…

We have found ourselves in a new normal for the time being and we know that we are not alone in feeling a bit alienated by this whole situation; this is why we are reaching out to the community with a friendly invite to our online studio, as dancing is a phenomenal creative outlet of stress and energy. Although we may be biased, the undeniable benefits of dancing have been scientifically studied. ( (

So if you/your kids want to...

  • become stronger and more flexible
  • improve your balance and coordination
  • improve your cardiovascular health
  • challenge your brain
  • boost cognitive performance
  • stay social
  • boost your mood 🙂
… then this is the perfect online program for you!

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